Mobile Consumer Trends – What the Future Holds for Corporate Wellness Tracking Software

Mobile Phone

In a survey conducted by Ovnis Health & Fitness and commissioned by The CTI Group, it was revealed that the mobile subscriptions for the next seven years would be on a decline. It was also found out that most of the people in the country have an iPhone and Android device. This means that most of them have become smartphone addicts and will use the applications on their devices as well as the World Wide Web everywhere. The Ovnis survey also throws up interesting facts about tablet PCs, netbooks and other peripheral devices such as smartwatches. If you are looking forward to changing your lifestyle or looking forward to making some extra money, then mobile internet tablets may be something worth checking out.

According to Ovnis Health & Fitness, the Mobile Consumer Trends for the next seven years will be driven by the growth of tablets and smartwatches. The research firm predicted that there will be a marked increase in the number of people who own at least one smartphone over the next seven years. The number of tablet PC users has also increased considerably. If you are planning on investing in tablets or smartwatches in the near future, the Ovnis Research data shows that there will be a significant market for apps related to health, fitness, finance, games and more.

According to the Ovnis data, the number of people using smartphone apps for personal wellness tracking apps has grown rapidly over the last year. The leading smartphone apps for personal wellness tracking apps are HealthMinder and Jawbone. The market is already saturated with these apps. The Ovnis Health & Fitness app are already available for download on the Google Play Store and the Apple Store. The app can be purchased for a monthly fee or for a one time fee.

In the next year, the market is expected to grow tremendously. The app that we have mentioned above (Jabbone) will be competing with a number of highly popular fitness and health apps like MyFitness Pal, My Weight Loss Coaches and Mint. One of the trends that is not too far out of the realm of possibility is the development of apps tailored to manage digital payments. Right now, a number of companies are working on such applications.

Another trend that looks promising is the development of smartphone apps that will allow users to make use of pandemic symptoms as a platform for communication. The application will use the MMS feature in the mobile OS to display a picture of a symptom and its corresponding update. For example, a smartphone owner could see an image of a flu symptom with a hazy background and then be able to share it via MMS with their friends. It is unclear how many such apps will be developed and whether they will succeed or fail.

Mobile devices will continue to evolve with new features and functions every year. Smartphones running Windows Mobile and other open source platforms are expected to run a lot faster and more efficiently in the next few years. Thus, it would not be too farfetched for corporate wellness tracking software to be developed specifically for these phones. With the appropriate apps, smartphone users can expect to experience a number of useful enhancements in the near future.