Latest Intel 11th Gen Rocket Lake Processors & Motherboards Revealed


The new Intel 11th Gen, CPU’s will be arriving early this year. Some motherboards are already out on the market with these new CPUs already loaded into them. Overclocking the CPU just for the sake of overclocking it is not recommended as the memory overclocking can be very damaging to your computer. Make sure you do your homework first when it comes to Intel’s new generation of motherboard chipsets and memory overclocking.

The Intel processor family continues to grow with the introduction of each new model. With the new series of processors, we have seen big improvements in speed and performance from the old ones. This is why we have seen a lot more motherboard chipsets being produced for Intel’s new generation of Intel 11th Gen processors.

It’s not going to be long until we will see the Intel Celeron Processor generations along with the Intel 11th Gen Core i7-Processor. With the introduction of the new gen CPU’s we also have seen some big changes in the desktop side of things. Right now, we have a new range of desktop motherboards with Intel’s new Celeron and Pentium line up. When it comes to PC gaming, you can count on your CPU specs to determine your video card and sound card as both of these are what you need for smooth and fast gaming.

When it comes to finding a good CPU for your gaming PC, then you need to keep an eye out for the best motherboard chipsets and memory modules for your system. The new Intel 11th Gen Processor will feature two memory slots for dual channel memory operation. There will be four USB ports and two Firewalls. The Intel Celeron Processor also has standard connectivity including DVI, HDMI, USB and eSATA ports.

For those looking for a gaming PC, but want something with a little more juice, then you should check out the new AMD Athlon processors, which are based on the new Zen architecture. These will offer quite a bit more power than the Celeron and Pentium CPU’s do, but they will also use the same system bus as the Celeron and will therefore only require one graphics adapter for connecting up to a HDTV. Graphics cards will include two PCI Express slots and two free slots on the motherboard. When checking out the new AMD Athlon processor line, make sure that you look for the coolest part, the dual-core AMD Opterona edition.

The new AMD B classification is actually one of three new lines of AMD motherboards using the new socket design. The other two options are the A-series, which are based on the older socket design and the B-series, which replace the old B chipset. There are already many people waiting for the new releases of these two processor categories, and the price points between the three ranges will vary greatly depending on how much extra voltage and/or wattage you’re willing to pay. The faster quad core processors such as the Intel z DDR4 3000M and the AMD Opterona can only be found in the higher price ranges.