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Design is about solving a problem. This often means creating a model to capture requirements for what software should do, along with tools used to implement the solution.

Designing software takes many forms. One approach involves starting off with an uncomplicated framework and gradually expanding it as more requirements come in.

Adobe InDesign

Adobe InDesign is an incredible program that empowers users to design postcards, brochures, eBooks, posters, and other page layouts with ease. It features an intuitive user-interface that makes text manipulation and manipulation effortless; additionally it comes equipped with templates and tutorials to get users started quickly and efficiently.

With its intuitive tools and straightforward interface, Sketch is ideal for beginners in design. However, its complexity may prove challenging for newcomers to the field; additionally, subscription costs could become expensive for small businesses.

Adobe InDesign’s text import feature can be invaluable when creating long documents or publications with large amounts of text. This function makes the software particularly helpful when creating lengthy texts for publication purposes.


Canva is a powerful design tool capable of producing any type of graphic. With an intuitive user-interface and numerous templates to choose from, Canva enables multiple users to collaborate simultaneously on projects – an invaluable resource for small businesses and teams alike.

The platform provides access to an enormous selection of photos and graphics, including icons and illustrations. Furthermore, there are free fonts as well as various decorative elements.

Canva is designed with ease-of-use in mind, making it suitable for both novice and expert designers alike. It offers templates for social media posts, presentations, infographics and resumes and has an innovative one-click resize feature to quickly optimize graphics to various dimensions without manually resizing images – saving both time and effort by eliminating manual image resizing tasks.


Pixlr is an online photo editing and graphic design platform with an intuitive user interface designed for all skill levels to quickly create stunning images and designs. Compatible with multiple devices and operating systems.

Pixlr provides students with many useful tools and features, making it an excellent choice. These include image resizing, cropping, brightness/contrast adjustment as well as red eye removal as well as offering various effects and filters for photo enhancements.

Pixlr offers a broad selection of features and file formats, making it easier to export projects directly into other applications. Plus, Pixlr is free!


Sketch is an invaluable design tool, particularly for UX and UI designers. With its vector-based editing capability, Sketch makes short work of editing images that require pixels while providing several tricks to accelerate workflows.

MacOS users have access to this amazing design software which features a powerful layout tool and is compatible with third-party plugins, all while boasting an active community that contributes amazing designs.

Sketch Cloud allows users to work asynchronously in real-time and share projects via public links, assign editors to entire projects or parts thereof and see document version histories. Furthermore, users can add documents directly into their Drafts folder for editing separately – an effective way for designers to protect their design systems against being overridden without prior agreement from others.


Flipsnack is an online catalog creator that allows users to easily build catalogs that can be shared, downloaded and embedded into websites. Furthermore, Flipsnack provides various subscription plans suitable for business or education use cases.

This platform offers an assortment of templates and design tools. It is easy to use and boasts superior customer support; its website includes an expansive knowledge base with tutorials. Furthermore, social media integration is supported and even auto-generating dynamic publications is possible!

This platform also includes a shopping list feature to streamline wholesale processes and facilitate order tracking. Furthermore, custom URLs and white labelling enable you to brand your profile page and catalogues with minimal need for third-party software providers.

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