Will Apple End the Newsletter Boom?


Has Apple stopped the newsletter boom? Yes, or no. The truth is, they haven’t and they never will. Email has changed so much since the introduction of the Mac that newsletters have become a quaint anachronism. Few people read them anymore and those who do may only ever do so with the click of a button.

This is where Apple Mail Privacy Protection comes in. The addition of this feature automatically filters all your outgoing emails for you, regardless of whether they contain personal information. It’s all automated, thanks to the smart work of the Mail Management Software. All you need to do is check the box where you want it to filter your email and then accept all the ones that come through. The system also stores all the mails that you receive so you don’t have to sort through them yourself and don’t forget any important ones. You can always go back to them later on.

Does this mean that Apple Mail Privacy Protection is nothing but a waste of money? That’s not necessarily true. Even if you use it once or twice a week, it will still save you money by reducing the amount of spam you get and by making your life easier. You also won’t have to deal with the problems brought about by a flooded inbox and the problems caused by getting your mail delivered to the wrong address. Most people ignore spam mail because it takes too long to be delivered but this doesn’t have to be the case anymore. With Apple Mail Privacy Protection, you can be assured that the email you receive is safe and it is delivered to the right person or company.

Can Apple end the newsletter boom? Maybe, but won’t they have to change their whole marketing approach to do so? If you have been getting a subscription from Apple through their main website, chances are that they will continue doing so. They may even start sending out newsletters through other channels so that more people will be aware of all the new products that they are coming out with regularly.

There is only one way to know for sure if Apple is going to destroy the newsletter market, and that is if they decide to allow people to post their personal information on the Internet. This means that all of Apple’s previous efforts at maintaining a tight lid on the type of information that their customers are able to receive are in for a major overhaul. Will Apple end the newsletter boom? Certainly not. However, they may very well institute a policy where customers are supposed to sign up for the mailing list to ensure that they are going to be notified whenever a new product is released.

What does this mean for you? It means that you will want to have your own Apple newsletter. This will ensure that you get all of the latest Apple news as it happens so that you will always be prepared. When Apple decides to kill off the newsletter, you will need to make sure that you have your own email address and username. Once Apple decides to allow people to post their personal information online, you will definitely need to change your username as well.