Data Digitalization – how to do it effectively?


Electronic document workflow is not a novelty for anyone today – every organization needs to manage documents in a digital way in order to work effectively.  At the same time, it is a challenge: how to go through the digital transformation painlessly and get the most out of it?

Electronically = without paper?

Does scanning of documents enable electronic management?  Or maybe it is better to fill them in and sign on tablets – be paperless? 

Traditionally or modern?

According to a research by the best usa casinos online, the current trend of paperless proclaims the need to eliminate troublesome paper.  Advocates claim that producing paper documents takes time, wastes resources and, what is important, especially in the case of large organizations, complicates the search for data.  However, it should not be forgotten that in many cases paper is necessary.  It is particularly useful in situations where the form of signing the document should be understandable for everyone or this method of document authentication is required by law (especially in the case of documents of high importance). 

Is it possible to combine these two realities – the benefits of signing documents on paper and the advantages of collecting and processing them electronically? 

Yes, it is – the answer seems to be the digital pen technology.  How does it work?  A document, e.g. a contract, is signed in one copy by the customer on paper using a digital pen.  Then the data from the pen can be sent to the system IC Pen and thus gain access to the signed electronic version of the agreement.  A paper copy is handed over to the customer, while the other party, having an electronic copy, saves time and costs associated with scanning, describing and archiving documents (savings of up to 75%).

Who benefits from this?

The universality of the solution allows it to successfully improve the circulation of documents in various industries, such as energy (Customer Service Offices and field work), finance, logistics, production as well as online platform like real money casino sites. In any place where security, mobility and intuitive solutions are important.

The biggest deployment is the implementation of the solution in OSCE, where observers use our technology during all election observation missions in countries where democracy is under threat.  Thanks to digital pens, observers can collect more data at the same time by visiting additional polling stations (previously prepared reports had to be sent by fax).  Further benefits can be seen in the office, where the team can focus on important work: preparing a summary and evaluation of the elections, instead of wasting time on the tedious process of digitisation. The IC Pen system improves the electronic document flow also in other industries: PKO Bank Polski (finances), Institute of Mother and Child (Healthcare), Maritime Institute in Gdańsk (research organisation), DSSE and others.

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