How to Choose the Best Home Internet Providers


Be it streaming movies or gaming online, having access to an efficient home internet connection is essential. In order to determine the top providers, we evaluated connection types, pricing structures and customer satisfaction scores to help determine our selections.

AT&T Fiber stands out among top providers for its competitive rates and symmetrical speeds – two features which appeal particularly to gamers and streamers.


DSL (digital subscriber line) internet for home uses the copper wiring already present in your house to deliver high-speed Internet without interfering with phone calls. DSL can take advantage of any unused bandwidth on those lines to deliver this high-speed service without obstructing them for phone calls.

The top DSL providers in New York City provide plans with download speeds that exceed average, as well as upload speeds that are relatively good – making them an ideal option for anyone working from home or streaming movies from their devices.

We consider several criteria when selecting the ideal DSL provider, including contract requirements, self-installation options and unlimited data plans. We also evaluate each company’s customer ratings and Better Business Bureau accreditation; these factors weigh more heavily in our rankings than price or availability alone. You can see our full rankings here.


As smart home devices and streaming services gain in popularity, consumers require fast internet to keep pace with them. Fiber offers fast connections with symmetrical upload and download speeds to easily accommodate multiple connected devices.

With 4K content on the rise, fiber provides an immersive entertainment experience by eliminating buffering issues and guaranteeing uninterrupted viewing of shows or games. Fiber also makes a reliable connection for gamers who require low latency for competitive gaming experiences.

Although fiber internet services may not be readily available everywhere, providers such as AT&T Fiber, Verizon Fios, Optimum and CenturyLink earned high marks among Consumer Reports members for their excellent service and reasonable pricing. If fiber can reach you, it will surely make an excellent addition.


If fiber is unavailable in your area or you don’t require gigabit upload speeds, cable internet might be the better choice for you. Cable providers use preexisting copper coaxial cables to transmit data signals to a modem in your home that connects to your router which then links directly with all devices through Ethernet or WiFi signal connections.

Under ideal conditions, cable internet service can reach download speeds of 1000 Mbps; however, the maximum potential is often limited by network congestion; for instance, if all of your neighbors start streaming Stranger Things simultaneously you might experience slower speeds; therefore some providers impose data caps to maintain service quality.

Fixed Wireless

Fixed wireless internet offers an ideal alternative for locations that lack cable or fiber access. Transmitters connected directly to buildings create an internet connection of up to 1 Gbps speed.

Examine the data caps and usage options offered by your home wireless provider to select an ideal plan for you and your family’s needs. Fixed wireless internet services often have lower or no data caps than satellite, saving money if you are an avid internet user.

New York City home internet providers deliver fast and symmetrical speeds that make streaming, working from home and online gaming seamless. Verizon Fios, Astound Broadband Powered by RCN and Spectrum are three reliable fast internet options available in NYC.


While 5G technology may currently draw more attention for mobile phone networks, this will soon enable high-speed wireless internet connections within homes. Similar to how a router bridges between Wi-Fi and Ethernet networks in your home network, 5G routers connect directly with the Internet using wireless connections.

Home internet providers with plans that meet your household’s online needs offer plans tailored specifically to each household’s individual requirements and budget. Make sure you compare download speeds and prices before selecting a provider who meets both.

No matter if it is for streaming, gaming, or remote work purposes – home internet providers offer you fast connections. Find your ideal provider with our reviews of cable, fiber and wireless providers; compare Viasat with Dish to determine which is right for your home.

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