NoiseFit Evolve Sport Review – Is it a Useful Workout App?


There are really only two good things about the NoiseFit Evolve Sportsmart watch. First, it works! Second, it works well! Unlike some other watches on the market that just monitor heart rate and other cardiovascular metrics, this watch actually measures speed, distance, vertical, and heart rate simultaneously. This means that you can get a running speed test right on your wrist while training or racing. In addition, it lets you see your maximum endurance level in both total and half-hour sessions.

The first thing you may notice when you look at the impressive list of features is that the sport watch does not have any flashy ads or colorful user interface features. That’s because it has its own dedicated Shineizen interface, which is an intuitive, easy to use interface that provides a solid background for the various health and fitness information it displays. The fact that it works so well is due in large part to its AMOLED dual-tone display, which is also how the phone powering the watch is able to power itself on and off. There are no drawbacks to this smartwatch because it offers more than enough features with constant high performance across all major metrics. NoiseFit Sport’s Shineizen interface also keeps the price affordable, as it runs on a single AA battery.

In addition to the high quality displays and responsive, easy to use software, the sports watch offers some extra perks. It comes bundled with a pair of NoiseFIT earphones to help you enjoy the sport better, and it includes a built-in heart rate monitor for monitoring your workout intensity and providing feedback on how effective your physical training is. Finally, the built-in AMOLED screen helps to provide higher color resolution than most other quartz displays.

As impressive as the features mentioned above are, it would be nice to see a little more on the performance side of things. Thankfully, the noise Fit smartwatch comes with an extensive documentation section that cover a variety of topics such as compatibility and functionality with the vast range of different workout programs, the power saving modes available, and general information about the sensor unit itself. The manual describes the construction and capabilities of the unit, gives thorough descriptions of the power-saving modes the watch offers, and goes over its basic features and operational functions.

Perhaps the most impressive thing about the NoiseFit Evolve Sport is the ease with which it connects to your computer. The smartwatch comes complete with a charging dock, and its USB connectivity makes it compatible with a wide range of computer operating systems. Additionally, the built-in computer interface means that the watch can communicate with your laptop or desktop. This allows you to send and receive data directly from your computer, meaning that even when you’re traveling or in a location where cell phone reception may be weak, your fitness information and workouts are always up-to-date and accurate. The charging dock makes it incredibly easy to use your fitness computer monitor at work or in your home environment and allows you to continue working out without the distractions of cell phones, laptops, or other computers.

Although the noise Fit smartwatch does include many useful features, it does fall short when it comes to the one feature that really sets it apart from all the other competing devices – its ability to provide effective workout information. At times, it provides inaccurate data and workouts because it depends on your location and the ambient background noises for its accurate readings. Although the display is large and bright, it also has a tendency to become dimmer throughout the day and in some cases, it cannot provide any real-time information. Fortunately, the noise Fit Evolve Sport is one of the most accurate and reliable fitness trackers available, but for more reliable information and workouts, you would be well advised to purchase a fitness computer that can keep up with you as you go.