Discover the Magic of Disney With Games Based on Your Favorite Characters


Explore the magical world of Disney with games featuring your favorite characters – from mind-twisting puzzle games and hilarious matchup games, to adventure titles! Experience its colorful world from the convenience of your computer.

As licensed video game tie-ins began to falter, WDCS needed to find new ways of creating games – leading to original concepts like Stunt Island (which Computer Gaming World recognized as simulation game of the year).

Disney Junior Games

Disney world is full of magic and wonder. Animals talk, problems are solved with just the flick of a wrist wand! Enter this charming universe with our selection of free Disney Junior Games.

This category encompasses games inspired by shows airing on Disney Channel or sister networks such as Playhouse Disney or Toon Disney, such as Alice’s Wonderland Bakery or Doc McStuffins; or even older programs from Playhouse Disney like PJ Masks or Babar and the Adventures of Badou that once ran.

Disney Junior can be an engaging world for children to explore, yet keeping their attention can be challenging! Through Disney Junior games, children can engage with characters they know and enjoy playing while learning smart problem-solving techniques from Sofia the Sweet or Handy Manny (two characters they particularly adore). Sofia will teach her friends to befriend everyone regardless of status or species while handy Manny will show how to master a hammer or screwdriver!

Disney Channel Games

These games are inspired by popular Disney Channel television series, from Hannah Montana and Lightning McQueen all the way through to Star Wars! Enjoy some adventureous gaming in this collection!

The Disney Channel Games was an annual event from 2006 to 2008 that pitted some of its biggest stars against each other in an annual competition, hosted by Phill Lewis from Suite Life of Zack and Cody and featuring Demi Lovato, Brenda Song and Kiely Williams from That’s So Raven as well as Nick, Joe, Kevin Jonas from Camp Rock. Phill hosted each event.

The games provided fans with an opportunity to meet and interact with their favorite stars up-close and personal, but in February 2009, Disney confirmed they would no longer hold these Games due to a pro-social initiative being undertaken with stars participating. They did, however, return in 2010 under Disney’s Friends for Change Games banner.

Disney Movie Games

Disney has long been revered as the ultimate creator of beloved pop culture icons, and many of those characters and franchises have made their way into video games. Some of its most renowned movies, like Toy Story and Aladdin have even received adaptations in 16-bit format!

Many licensed games owede a debt to contemporaries like Mega Man, yet The Jungle Book’s TaleSpin stood out as being truly original and distinctive. Players had to navigate Mowgli through an intricate jungle full of hazards designed to kill him including Baloo’s plane and Kaa.

With Activision’s Skylanders franchise propelling the toys-to-life phenomenon forward, Disney made their mark in this genre with Disney Infinity. Offering similar sandbox experience but featuring squading up with various characters from across its multiverse universes – Disney Infinity was an eye-opening experiment which demonstrated just how extensive its IP catalog really is.

Disney Character Games

The best Disney games don’t just provide an insight into the magical worlds of princesses, Pixar characters and classic cartoons but take you right into them! Take part in battles between your favourite Disney figures in Cranium; test your knowledge in Trivia; or unleash your creative side through Pottery.

Disney Magic Kingdoms, an imaginative board game reminiscent of Trivial Pursuit, lets players design and construct their ideal theme park. Up to 16 players can compete to become Disney park champions in this fun competition!

There are numerous family-friendly Disney games on the market today, too. Fans of Castle of Illusion – an early side-scrolling Super Nintendo title featuring Mickey Mouse searching through its titular castle for his wife – were drawn in. This title boasted many familiar cartoon stars from Mickey’s Mouse House at that time and was highly rated due to its 16-bit graphics and gameplay.

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