Friday, June 25, 2021


Will Apple End the Newsletter Boom?

Has Apple stopped the newsletter boom? Yes, or no. The truth is, they haven’t and they never will. Email has changed so much since the introduction of the Mac that newsletters have become a quaint anachronism. Few people read them anymore and those who do may only ever do so with the click of a […]


Latest Intel 11th Gen Rocket Lake Processors & Motherboards Revealed

The new Intel 11th Gen, CPU’s will be arriving early this year. Some motherboards are already out on the market with these new CPUs already loaded into them. Overclocking the CPU just for the sake of overclocking it is not recommended as the memory overclocking can be very damaging to your computer. Make sure you […]

A Closer Look at the Newest Video Cards From AMD

The new graphics cards from Nvidia are called the RTX 3060 and 3050 and the new AMD Radeon HD 6700 series. All three of these cards, all three of the most popular cards on the market today are based on the same architecture, called the G-sync technology. What makes them so similar though is the […]